Frequently Asked Questions - If you don't find what you're looking for here, or if you have any other concerns, don't hesitate to send us a customer service note from our Contact Us form.

    0) I have an existing order with Frisky-Beast - how do I access that?

    Old orders from before the acquisition are located on the old Frisky-Beast website, where you can log in with your old FB account. There, you will be able to make sure your shipping address details are up to date, for when the order is served. If you wish to check in on an order, don't hesitate to send us a copy of your old FB receipt through our new contact form.

    Old accounts and TTC accounts are not carried over to this store. Checking out with a new FB account is optional, but will allow us to offer even more responsive customer service.

    1) What is Frisky Beast?

    Frisky Beast is your friendly neighborhood adult toy store with a specialty in the prehistoric, the cybernetic, and the beastly. Crafted from platinum-cure silicone, all our toys adhere to the highest quality standards, with every toy being non-allergenic, body-safe, and extremely durable. So let out your inner creature and explore our world of rawrsome beastly encounters!

    Since November 2017, Frisky Beast has been a part of Twin Tail Creations.

    2) Where did your designs go?

    As part of the acquisition plans, several of our toy designs have been taken over by Twin Tail Creations. This means you can expect to see some of them re-emerge in the Twin Tail store in the near future!

    The reason for this is that it allows the TTC workshop to offload the FB workshop, and allow us more time to work on old orders. This may also show as an opportunity for the TTC workshop to supply inventory toys for Frisky Beast.

    3) What can I expect when I order?

    Upon placing an order, you will immediately receive a receipt by email and get access to our responsive customer service for any questions or concerns you might have regarding the order.

    You will be able to check out with either credit card or PayPal - we do not require you to have an account, but if you do, we will often be able to deliver an even better customer service experience.

    Stock toys - also known as Inventory Adoptables - as well as accessories usually ship within 5 work days.

    Before shipping, we inspect your toys for quality assurance, clean them, and seal them. In the box you will also find protective packing material surrounding the toy.

    Upon shipping, you will receive an automated email with relevant tracking information. If at any point you have questions or concerns, we are standing by to assist - just send us a customer service note!

    4) Is your packaging discreet?

    To protect your privacy, we only ship our toys in plain brown boxes, or USPS standard boxes. Your credit card statement, as well as the sender field on our shipping labels will only show our initials. Where necessary, our handcrafted toys are categorized as silicone sculptures. In other words: We ship as discreetly and anonymously as possible!

    5) What do I need to know about international shipping?

    If you are shopping from outside the US, your local regulations apply when it comes to import laws, duty and taxes. You may experience toys being held for customs clearance. Should you require additional documentation from us, don't hesitate to send us a note.

    We currently do not ship to China. Orders from Singapore and Russia may be subject to local import regulations - this means we cannot guarantee delivery.

    6) Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

    We have yet to experience a problem with shipping to a P.O. box.

    7) What are your toys made from?

    Our toys are crafted from premium-grade platinum-cure silicone, with added pigments for coloration. The silicone is body-safe, chemically inert, phtalate-free, non-allergenic, easily sterilized, and extremely durable. We simply refuse to compromise on material quality, so you can get frisky with a perfect peace of mind - every time.

    8) How do I interpret the FB firmness scale?

    Our toy firmness scale is approximated to match the Shore firmness scale.
    Our Soft 03 is delightfully squishy; our Medium 05 is slightly squishy, striking a balance between ease of use and precision in use, and our Firm 7 has little squish, to offer a higher level of precision in use. This firmness scale is subjective, but should allow for a comparison with other brands of fantasy toys!

    9) How do I store and clean my toys?

    All relevant information for storing and cleaning, as well as what types of lubricant you can safely use with our toys, will be listed on the care sheet we pack with every toy order! For quick reference, silicone toys should not be stored together with toys made from lower-grade plastics and gels, to avoid toy degradation. They can be stored safely together with other platinum-cure silicone toys. Silicone is non-porous, and can be cleaned with just soap and water. However, they can also safely be boiled, cleaned with toy cleaner, or dunked in a weak bleach solution!

    Many condoms come with Silicone-based lubricant which is not advisable to use on Silicone toys.

    10) Do you do custom pours at all?

    Custom pours used to be offered, but have been taken off the menu while we work through our order backlog. If the order queue gets too long, custom orders will be disabled, to ensure new inventory toy orders can be shipped in a timely manner.

    For the time being, we only sell Adoptable Inventory Toys and Accessories.