Brood Eggs - Corded

  • $12.00

Do you dream of laying a clutch of eggs? Or simply enjoy the pleasure these little objects have to offer? Then we have the toy for you!

These are our popular silicone eggs with a playful twist! Each egg has a nylon retrieval cord, allowing you to push out a 'brood' of your very own. These eggs are available individually or in sets of three with limited customization options.

Limit 3 eggs per customer.


Brood Eggs are sold as a novelty item and we recommend using common sense when playing with these. Frisky Beast is not liable for eggs lost in places where they cannot be retrieved. Please note that these eggs, like our sample sets, are prone to air bubbles and the occasional seam. This will not affect your play experience, but as always we recommend thoroughly cleaning toys between uses. Please treat your Brood gently and avoid sharp pulling to ensure a lengthy life for them and prevent the removal of cord. Brood Eggs are not recommended for anal insertion.