Valentine Gift Set

Valentine Gift Set

  • $25.00

Need something special for that special someone? Or maybe you’re treating yourself this year! Either way, our Valentine’s Gift Sets have everything your heart desires! Each set is packed with a limited edition egg, themed sticky paws, 3 squishy TTC cogwheel coins and candy!

Domestic orders for these sets placed before Feb 7th are guaranteed to arrive before Valentine’s day!

Eggs are approximately 2.5” long, with a circumference of 4.75”.

In countries that doesn't permit the import of candy, other goods will take its place.

Limit 2 per customer.


Cordless Brood Eggs are sold as a novelty item and we recommend using common sense when playing with these. Frisky Beast is not responsible for any harm done, including broken screens as a result of casually throwing them around, however addictive that may be. Frisky Beast is also not liable for eggs lost in places where they cannot be retrieved. Brood Eggs are not recommended for anal insertion.